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    1. How to create the trunk:

    Step 1: Use our template to cut the quilt batting into a circle.

     Step 2: Place the fabric of your choice on top and sew it together. Then cut along the circle.

     Step 3: Prepare the interlining double adhesive and the fabric. Mark the fabric as in the video, sew them together along the edge of the circle. Cut the parts you marked to allow an opening.

    Then cut along the edge of the circle once again. When done, you can reverse it from the opening. 


    Step 4: Sew the opening up and close the circle.

     Step 5: Fold the circle in half, draw lines from the creases, and sew them together. You will see the stitching lines.

    Step 6: Fold along the lines and clamp as the video shows. Sew vertically first, then vertically from top to bottom.

    Step 7: After the bottom is secured, you can remove the vertical dotted line to finish the tree's trunk!


     2. How to create the leaf:

     Step 8: Use our templates to create leaf shapes from the batting. Sew it with the fabric of your choice and cut along it. Mark 2 parts of the fabric similar to step 3 to create an opening.

     Step 9: Prepare another piece of fabric to sew together and cut along it as well. The part you marked also needs to be cutted. 

     Step 10: Reverse it, and you can see the colored side and the opening. Turn it in and close the opening.

     Step 11: Follow the same steps as above for other shapes!

     Step 12: When you finish all the pieces, you can fold and sew it together.

    Step 13: Put all the pieces over the trunk and on top of each other.


    You have finished your Christmas tree,Congratulations 




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